UP by Petra



UPBRELLA is a very special and very functional handbag designed and handmade in Slovenia.

UPBRELLA is large and sturdy handbag that has a flat and wide bottom. The bag main opening is covered with a long zipper and comes with two handles. It also comes with a long shoulder strap so you can simply hang it on your shoulder if you need to.

Carry it to upgrade your everyday looks.

Height: 26 cm; Width: 17 cm, Length: 36,5 cm

Genuine Italian cowhide leather

Silver and blue 

Detachable silver and blue shoulder strap

100% Viscose

5 - 10 days manufacture time

 Complete with:

- one zipped pocket (20 cm),

- two smartphone leather pockets,

- silver colour metallic pieces.

Handle for arm (40 cm with rings) or hand carry, detachable strap for shoulder or cross-body carry (100 cm with carabiners).


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